We often ask customers, "which honey varietal would you like?"  They will  often reply, "regular honey."
We find it important to let customers know that we don't add flavoring to different honey varietals.  If a honey is called "Blackberry Honey", the beehives are moved to an area dominated with blackberry bushes.  This is a single source honey.  Although other nectar from other flowers will get in the honey, most of it will be from blackberries.
If honey comes from several different sources of flowering trees and bushes, it is called a multi-floral honey or wildflower honey.   Under this situation, there is no dominate flower in the close proximity of the hives.
Each honey varietal is "regular honey".  However, each varietal of honey will have a distinct taste. 
If you find that you are not a fan of honey, perhaps you have not tried a honey varietal that is pleasing to your taste.  If you already love honey, experiment with different varietals!